Finding a Good Psychic Website

Monday, June 11, 2012 Posted by

You can find anything in the world that you are looking for on the World Wide Web – including your favourite psychic website! Psychic websites are all over the web and most of the more well known psychics have their own sites where they can keep their fans up-to-date on their predictions and other information about their career.

Sylvia Brown
One of my personal favourites is Sylvia Brown. After reading several of her books I decided to go to her website to find out more about her an about what she believes in. What I found was that Sylvia is not only a psychic. She is also a medium and a spiritual teacher. The area of her psychic website that drew me in first was the “readings” section. This is the area where you can get information on appointments to get readings with either Sylvia or her son Chris. Although they are too expensive I can still dream! (Sylvia charges$ 850 and Chris $500 and the readings last no more than thirty minutes.) During a reading with either psychic you will find out if your life is on track, be “scanned” for possible health issues, explore you life’s theme and options and receive messages from those who have passed. Also included on her website is book information, tour dates, pray chains, videos, newsletters and so much more. She really covers everything!

John Edward
John is also a famous psychic that has his own website. After checking it out, I was quite impressed with the layout and his apparent skills. He also offers readings but his are of a wider variety than Sylvia’s – and just as costly! A private reading is $750 and you can bring four others with you for an extra $100 per person. There are also private group readings ($600) and small intimate group readings for 100 people or less for $300 per person. If you sign up for his online newsletter you will be notified when John is holding live group events and where so you can get in on the action! Also included on the site is news, frequently asked questions, book information and a personal blog-like section where John shares his thoughts and ideas.

Micki Dahne
Micki is one of the most popular and well known psychics in the United States. She has been on hundreds of television programs, had her own radio show and now provides private readings. She is claimed to be so talented that many of Hollywoods most famous faces turn to her for answers. Her way of providing private readings varies a bit from Sylvia’s and John’s. For a telephone reading that lasts for 20 minutes it is $125. For a telephone reading that lasts for 45 minutes it is $175. You can have a face to face reading done but the price is not listed on her psychic website. The instructions say to contact her office for more details and to schedule an appointment for a reading. She also offers what is called “Miki’s Special” which is an online reading that costs $39.99. This one I am sceptical of since you really have no way of knowing who is really typing on the other end of the conversation. I suppose the big draw to this would be the fact that it is MUCH cheaper than the rest of the private reading options are. The cool thing is that you can pay for your reading using PayPal! In addition to the readings there are also stories, testimonials, media and appearance information and a whole page dedicated to telling you who Miki is and how she came to be one of America’s top psychics!

Aside from the more well known psychics, there are thousands of psychic websites online. They can be fun to sift through, but even as a believer I acknowledge that the majority of these people are indeed frauds that you should be very careful about giving your money to. There is one thing that you should beware of when looking for a psychic to contact. A good fake psychic is also a good psychologist who can pull out seemingly unimportant information from you and use it to make “predictions”. If you reach out to a psychic and he or she asks for more than your name right off the bat, don’t waste your time and money. Too many questions should tell you that they are not real psychics. Instead of just blindly picking off a psychic website, do some research first and them make your choice about who you want to use for private readings.